Get Started

In this article, you can learn how to start development using PDK (Plynth development kit).



Currently, you need to install Python on your system to use PDK. please refer to the PDK doc page to install. Plynth development kit

Download PDK (Plynth development kit)
Download the pdk for your platform and python version and extract it anywhere you like.


  • Windows: Use the command prompt on the folder
  • Mac and Linux: open the terminal and open the directory

You need to run `init` command to set up the development kit first.

pdk init

Installing modules

pdk install requests

In current version of pdk, --skip-lock option is used to speed up the installation. If you want to lock, you can specify pipenv directly.

pdk pipenv install requests

Create new project

Note: You need to place `-p` option before the `new` keyword.

pdk -p myapp new

Edit python files

Start development with your favorite editor.

vi myapp/

Run your applictaion

pdk -p myapp run

Distribute the project

pdk -p myapp release